11. October 2020


Florian Köhler
10. May 2018

Wilde Rose Keller

The idea of drinking the cold stored beer directly in the rock cellars property in summer was inevitably born. In 1739, there was an early indication […]
10. May 2018

Löwenbräu Brewery

The origins of the brewery “Zum blauen Löwen”, whose head office was located in Judenstraße 2, date back to 1472. The Maex brewery family flourished the […]
10. May 2018


The ancestral home of the Schlenkerla is located in Sandstraße and has been home to a separate brewery since 1678. Only in 1936 the brewery owner […]
10. May 2018


The background for that was that the beer varieties typical for Bamberg – export, lager or March – are brewed with bottom-fermented yeast. This type of […]
10. May 2018

Brauerei Klosterbräu

In 1489, Bamberg’s Prince-Bishop Heinrich III Groß von Trockau announced a decree to ensure the quality of beer, for which nothing but water, hops and malt […]
10. May 2018

Weiße Taube Brewery

Around 1900 the brewery was called “Hofbräuhaus von Bamberg” because of its size, its huge beer garden and its beautiful location in the heart of the […]
10. May 2018

Former breweries at Maxplatz

On the one hand the Jäck brewery. It was located where you can find the Wöhrl company today. It was named after the famous Bamberg brewery […]
10. May 2018

Großkopf Brewery

In order to show, that freshly brewed beer is served, small barrels or brooms were once placed in front of the door – depending on the […]
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