The Gardeners' and Wine-Growers' Museum

The Gärtner- und Häckermuseum (The Gardeners' and Wine-Growers' Museum) in Bamberg is a museum dedicated to the tradition of gardening in the Bamberg area. It is a jewel in the middle of the Gardeners district near the church St. Otto and can easily be reached on foot in just a few minutes from Bamberg's city centre. Weiterlesen »

The museum deals with the existence of wealthy gardeners around 1900 and is housed in a typical old gardener's house from 1767 in Mittelstraße. The gardener's house has been restored to its original state and is intended to give visitors an insight into the 19th and early 20th centuries. It consists of a living/bedroom, kitchen, storeroom, courtyard and utility rooms, as well as a show garden.

Its beginnings go back to the foundation of the museum association by the Gärtner und Häcker (old name for winegrower) of the city of Bamberg in 1975. It was finally opened in 1979 and has been the only museum of its kind in southern Germany ever since. On the occasion of the State Garden Exhibition in Bamberg in 2012, the museum was redesigned and has since shone in new splendour.

Opening hours

28th July to 8th November:
Tuesday to Sunday, 11.00 am - 05.00 pm

Additional opening days: 2nd November


Adults: 4,00 €
Children over 5 years and pupils: 1,00 €
Reduced tickets / students / group members from 10 persons: 3,50 €

Free entrence for childs under five years

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