Market Gardeners' District

When Bamberg was awarded the title of UNSECO World Heritage Site in 1993, this was also justified by the unique cultural landscape of the many inner-city garden areas. This makes the nursery one of the oldest still active professions in Bamberg.

Already in the Middle Ages the Bamberg gardeners were known for their cultivation of liquorice roots. These were used to produce remedies and liquorice. This is how the name "Bamberger Süßholzraspler" came into being as a mockery for the Bamberger gardeners. Of course, besides liquorice, many other kinds of vegetables were cultivated, which could flourish well in Upper Franconia due to the warmer climate at that time. One of them is the onion. The cultivation of these vegetables led to the fact that the gardeners in Bamberg are still jokingly called "Zwiebeltreter". The annual Bamberger Zwiebeltreterfest auf den Böhmerwiesen reminds of this name. Weiterlesen »


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