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Sandstraße is home to the long-established Liebold butcher's shop, whose Leberkäse is known beyond the city limits and is usually open until 10 p.m. during the Kerwa. Even without an appetite for Leberkäse, it is worth taking a look in the shop window. Here you can see a large number of the Sandkerwa® festival badges from the past decades.

Gastronomy and bars

The Sandstraße has always been known for its density of pubs, bars and restaurants and is one of the Kerwa's core areas. Due to the space available, sales stands can only be found in front of St. Elisabeth's Church.

Behind the houses of the Sandstraße hide themselves, invisible from the outside as far as possible, romantic, small backyards. In the past, many of them were converted every year into small bodegas by the inhabitants, where you could escape the hustle and bustle of the Sandstraße. Unfortunately, this is a thing of the past due to the increased safety regulations.

Those who would like to do without the "Gemöhr" (crowd) and crowds of people in smallest space should avoid the areas around the Schlenkerla, the crossing to the Katzenberg and the Dominikanerstr. during the rush hours in the evening as far as possible. A speedy going forward is hardly possible then. If you still want to go from Markus Bridge towards the Lower Bridge or vice versa, you should choose one of the alternative routes along the New Residence and the Domplatz, the Sandbad and the Dominikanerhof or on the other side of the river via Fischerei and Kapuzinerstraße.


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