Brudermühle und Geyerswörthplatz

There are things that remain, and there are things that only remain in memory. One thing you can't blame the initiators and organizers of the Kerwa for: For almost seven decades, there have been constant attempts to integrate new ideas and set impulses in a wide variety of directions. Some of them have completely disappeared and are now almost forgotten. We would like to remind you of some curious program items, locations and attractions from 68 years of Sandkerwa®:

During the Sandkirchweih, Geyerswörthplatz is a popular meeting place for friends of Franconian cuisine during the day and for dance enthusiasts in the evening, because next to the Brudermühle is one of the last remaining stages for live music. As almost everywhere in the festival area the traditional Weißwurst-Frühschoppen takes place on Sunday.

Since the Brudermühle and the Karolinenstraße are entry points into the festival area from several sides at the same time, it is better to avoid this area at rush hours if you do not find crowds and narrowness pleasant.

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